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What is Retargeting and How does it work?- Retargeting Ads

If the user just visits the site and not made any deal. It is the most common thing, only 4% of the visitor make a deal, other sales conversion takes place in the retargeting process. 

If customers want to buy your product, you should create brand awareness. Your product should get register in the mind of the customer at least seven times before they make a deal.

It's all about retargeting

Retargeting is the cookie-enabled technology to show the ad for the potential customer who had already visit the site and trying to convert them as buyers.

Retargeting had satisfied the marketing tagline "The right information should reach the right-audience set".So it makes the information reach the potential customer.

This is just a meme about retargeting:

Consider, you want to purchase a laptop, so you visited an e-commerce site, the actual price didn't suit your budget. You had decided to buy the laptop in next-month when the price drops. so you add the product in the cart.

after you leave the site. you can able to notice the product was displayed everywhere in the search engine. You may have the tendency to click the ad and buy the product.

This is Retargeting

let's see retargeting in the marketer point of view:

If there is a potential customer who visits the site and not made any deal. The marketer will retarget them with the help of cookies. So it will influence the buyer's decision and make them buy the product.

How does it work?

When the user enters the site, the cookies get enabled. After the user leaves the site, the cookies will able to display products in other sites to make them as conversion. Google plays a major role because it occupies 2 million sites

There is a confusion prevailing between retargeting and remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing shares a similar goal. but in remarketing, email marketing involved reconnecting with the customers and also showing the relevant AD.

Have you tried retargeting for your sites? without any delay enable retargeting. It will help you to increase sales. if you have any queries, please feel free to throw it in the comment box.

Happy Reading!!!

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