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Evolution of Digital Marketing- Short Story Of Marketing

Updated: May 26, 2020

Don’t know where to start about digital marketing. Start with the history, knowing the history and basics will lay good foundations for your marketing journey

In this blog, I am going to throw questions based on the viewers' points and trying to figure out answers for all the questions.

Let us start with :

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of promoting product/services in the consumer-market

Real-life example:

Shiny starts the business of making bread. The goal of the business is to reach the maximum number of customer and sells the bread. Initially, she needs to promote the product and create awareness about the business.

The activity of promoting the product in the consumer's market is "Marketing"

When marketing plays its role in real life?

To get the answer, we have dig deep with history

  • 1000 yrs ago- Barter System

It is the process of exchanging goods and it is used before the money was invented

  • 400-500 yrs ago- Traditional Market Place

It is the place where buyers and sellers come together for transactions

  • 18th-19th Century- Seller's Market Place

It is the place where the seller displays the product and consumers buy from their choice.

  • 20th Century- Conventional Marketing

It includes old-fashioned marketing techniquesuch as print marketing, banners, television AD and radio AD

  • 21st Century- Fragmented New-age Marketing

It is the process of using multi-media channel to promote the products or services

why the change is essential ?,let's look

Why did the shift happen from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing?

People of an average spending 5.4 hours per-day on devices.They used to check their phone 96 times a day and tend to check for 10 mins at least once

The entire world is moving to digital, so marketing should justify its objective

"The right information should reach right-set of the audience at the right time"

If the consumers are spending more time on digital platform. The change is needed.The digital platform will be a good medium for marketers to promote products/services. Yes, this is the core concept of the shift to adapt based on behavior of the customer.

What is Digital Marketing?

"Digital Marketing is the process of promoting products/services in the digital platform"

When it get started?

  • In 1990, the "Digital Marketing " term was initially coined.

  • In 1994, the first clickable banner ad campaign "You will " by AT&T get launched and acquired the results of 44% clicks of the total campaign

  • The first mobile marketing campaign in 2001 for universal music

  • In 2000, the birth of the iPhone results increases the more number of internet users, this activity influence the buyer's decision. thus it makes the marketers find an alternative solution to integrate with the technology and develop a new marketing strategy based on the evolution.

Who needs Digital Marketing?

Every business needs Digital Marketing for selling their goods and services for adapting to the consumers market. Marketing will act as an invisible channel between the business and consumers


Thus this blog gives you overall concept about marketing and its evolution to digital marketing.

As beginner it is quite difficult to get clarity, but your patience drives to get strong.

I hope we got all the answers .if you want to add more questions, please free to through the question in the comment box. So I try to get an answer and write a blog to grow the reader’s community.

Happy Reading!!!

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