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Coco-Cola and its secret flavor

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

When you hear the name"Coco-Cola" you will be recalling some refreshing moment. At least we came across the brand by buying it or maybe viewed some crazy experiments using it.

Coco-Cola is the third-largest company that originated from Atlanta which is located in Georgia, USA. As of 2019, the net worth of the company is 37.27 billion.

It is an almost 134-year-old company, which is ruling the beverages industry to date

Don't you want to know, What is the secret recipe behind the " success story of Coco-Cola ".

Let's first dig with the history:

Coco-Cola was invented by John Stith Pemberton in 1886. It was initially invented as patent medicine stored in the pharmacy used for the "relief of headache". After many days of research, at the end of May month. The carbonated drink was ready for sales without naming.


Pemberton's bookkeeper Frank M.Robinson named the carbonated drink as Coco-Cola. The word Coco-cola means "Coco-Leaves", "Kola-Nuts"


Robinson was the one who created the world-most recognizable logo. Like some of the companies, it doesn't change the logo for the time evolution. It remains constant from the invention to date.

In 1889, the Coco-Cola brand and the formula were purchased by Asa G.Candler and in 1892 the Coco-Cola was officially formed in Atlanta.


The taste of the coke remains the same, wherever you sip the drink. The company maintains the recipe constant and not allowing the drink to served above 40C.


Coco-Cola used the tagline for the first ad was "Coco-Cola. Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating!", When analyzing the tag-line of the Coco-Cola, it will always relate to human emotion. The recent tagline of their ad campaign was "Taste the feeling" and all its advertisement relates to happiness.

Pricing Strategy:

The company sold the drink at a rate of 5 cents for almost 70 years. It was affordable for the majority of people so people can relate to the memory of drinking the carbonated sweet beverage.

Bottle Design:

Coco-Cola asked their bottle designer to submit the design which should be designed in the way of identifying in the dark by touching the shape of the bottle and also should be designed in the way where it should identify in the broken state. Alexandar Samuelson from Root glass company from Indiana designed the bottle shape and it was patented in the year 1915. Later the bottle was modified and slimmed down, the contour bottle was patented in the year 1960. It was a trademark approved by the US.

Till now, the bottle shape not modified.

Let we get some inspiration, from their creative campaign

1. Share a coke (2011)

Share a Coke campaign that was initially launched in Australia. The wrapping design was changed to " Share a Coke with...". and a common name was printed on the wrap. It gets huge attention from the customers. The campaign was well-received in other countries also.

The motto of the campaign " To develop a personal relationship with the customer and share the moment of happiness"

2. Coco-Cola and the Christmas story:

The connection between the Coco-cola and Christmas starts in the year 1931. Haddon Sundblom, an illustrator hired by the company, created the image of Santa Claus with a round belly and red cheeks based on the poem of "Twas the night before the Christmas" written by Clement Clarke Moore.

The main focus of the campaign to relate happiness and joy. Till now, the Coco-Cola truck decorated with the lights, special commercial from the Coco-Cola makes us welcome the festival with more joy and happiness.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Coco-Cola adopts technology evolution and playing a vital role in the social platform to create a strong image in the digital era.

On Twitter, it has more than a million followers, The #ShareACoke which was the most popular hashtags used by the people.

On Instagram, YouTube, Facebook has millions of followers and creates a unique post on the respective platform. It portrays the happiness and refreshing moment.

4. Friendly Twist Campaign:

The friendly twist was a campaign launched to acquire the hearts of young adults. If you want to open the cap, you need to pair-up with the other coke bottle. It brings good initiative to college students for starting new-friendship.

5. #thatsgold Olympic Campaign:

The Rio Olympics and Coco-Cola company launched the #thatsgold campaign for celebrating the "Accomplishing of something great- which doesn't matter small and large". The Ad campaign features Olympic players to target the global community for better reach of the product.

The secret flavor of the Coco-Cola marketing campaign is creativity, The Coco-Cola marketing campaign proves that creativity takes the leap to acquire success and make to withstand the time evolution. Always stay unique with your own creativity and innovation.

Comment your favorite campaign and ideas inspired by the Coco-Cola strategy. Let us keep up the spirit of creativity.

Happy Reading!!!

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