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BTS marketing strategy- success to their secret

Being the die heart army member of the BTS, it is inspiring and motivating to know their story. Yes, we love their music, dance moves, and cute actions. If you know their success secret, you will fall in love with BTS even more.

After The Beatles, BTS is the only boy band that gets worldwide reorganization from people all over the world. The list of BTS success secrets may sound silly. But it is the actual fact for their success.

1. Loyalty and passion

“Too many stars, too many dreams.

The reality is in front of these things,

I’m just piece of dust”

-Kim Namjoon

Every member of the BTS band struggled and fight in their own ways to get this much love. In all of BTS' performance, you can witness the compassionate talents to make their army happy. Nothing can match their passion and loyalty to the army. After reaching their sky-high popularity, they remain who they are? And proving the world that loyalty and passion will take you to great heights. We need to get the lesson from the first secret if we are loyal and passionate about our dreams. It will take you to the place where our desire lies.

2. Awakening the emotion

“True loves first begins with loving myself”


Every line of their song based on real emotions, not in the way of fantasy. BTS army can relate to their lyrics in their fast-running life. Yes, we have many social media platforms, agreed that we are living in the socialized environment in an isolated way. The inner emotion about sadness, depression, anger about life or the society, we tend to raise the voice but we are suppressing the emotion due to various reasons. BTS relates all the emotions and feelings in their song. It is awakening the emotion of ours to enjoy and pass through the emotion in a beautiful way.

3. Story-telling

“I believe in myself; My back hurts in order to let, my wings sprout"


The journey of the band doesn’t ride in the smooth road. Every behind the scene clips and the interaction shows apart from their concert, everything showcases their life. They breakdown wall of fantasy idol life, it’s kind of refreshing and well connected with the army. The storytelling of their life shows their true-self to make the army comfortable to accept the flaws and fight back. Yes, it may be a sensitive one; we can take-away, that if we are true and sensitive about ourselves, the sky is not the limit.

4.Social –media sensation

The journey of their social media plays a major role in forecasting their image to the international audience. They are active on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, VLive, and Weibo. It’s quite contrasting from the Other KPOP idol group who shares their social life to the fans. BTS used the social media platform has a medium to connect with the army.

It’s ok to share our lives with social media, until if we true and loyal to people. We get so much love and affection.

5. Baby-steps towards Hollywood

From the starting of the debut, they made steps towards Hollywood. They believe in their talent, and they proved the language won’t be a barrier to music. Music is not depending on the language.

“Music is the emotion; it is the language to awakening the soul”

In 2014, the show “BANGTAN BOYS AMERICAN HUSTLE LIFE” is the kick-start for their international reach. Maybe, we would thank you for this move. This made us to get there attention and enjoy their music.

What is the take away from this strategy?

If we believe in your talent, any barriers can be breakable. Army lets be a warrior to break all the fears and short comes.

I hope you have loved it, let us rock and roll in life by kicking off the barriers....

Happy Reading!!!

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